Welcome to the Virtual 24/7 created by the Prayer Ministry at Central Christian Church. This tool is designed to lead you through a time of prayer that we like to call a prayer experience. The Virtual 24/7 prayer time will strengthen your understanding of what your prayer life can look like and allow you to grow in your practice of prayer. This year’s 24/7 focuses on the theme of “Praying the Heart of God.”

Each virtual “station” is designed to take approximately five to six minutes. It will lead you to pray and, in some cases, to take some kind of action. If you are not done praying or working through the station when five minutes has passed, feel free to continue in that area until you are ready to move forward. This is not a speed test, and the length of time you spend at each station is not the issue. Some stations may be more specifically pertinent to your life than others.  You will want to linger at those stations longer. When you have completed a station, press “Next,” and the virtual 24/7 will take you to the next station.

Please have your Bible, a pen, and paper handy as you pray and work through the amazing truths in these stations. You may want to make notes on what God brings to you in prayer. If you don’t have your Bible, all of the Scriptures will be provided, so you will still be able to pray through the stations.

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